PlanetRenew's team and external staff is recruited from academia and positions with relevant experience to combine complementary expertise and create innovative ideas for integrating crop resources into a new sustainable bioeconomy.

Dr. Jens Poetsch, Managing Director and Chief Scientist

Jens Poetsch studied in Konstanz, Goettingen and Stuttgart-Hohenheim where he received a PhD at the faculty of agricultural sciences. Thereby he acquired interdisciplinary knowledge in natural and agricultural sciences with special expertise in ecological cropping systems and crop research.

Professionally, he worked for a long time as consultant and team leader for a university spin-off in the area of crop resources and sustainable biofuels, gaining substantial experience in project management and consulting, tropical agriculture, process engineering and economy.

Inter alia he was in charge of crop research tasks, operated international studies and projects in countries of Africa and Latin America, and developed a venture capital project for domestication of a new industrial crop. He is considered to be an excellent analyst and planner.

Personally, Jens Poetsch is convinced that resource use for the benefit of man and environment, economical activity and high quality of life are well compatible. In 2010 he founded PlanetRenew GmbH in order to realise his vision of an economy fit for the future.


Originating from a scientific community, PlanetRenew has access to an extensive personal and professional network:

  • External colleagues, consultants and experts from environmental, engineering, economic, geo and life sciences.
  • Partner companies who can bring in knowledge, international experience and additional capacity for major projects.
  • Reliable specialists who support us for example with chemical analytics, data management or energy process engineering.
  • Scientific contacts at reputable research institutions like for example the Universities of Hohenheim, Tuebingen, Goettingen or Muenchen.